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Old 10-17-2013, 08:30 PM
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Belly(Preggo) More Than Just Friends (Script)

More Than Just Friends

Ashley and Rachel are best friends and roommates. Today they are returning to their apartment from their gymnastics workout, each adorning skin-tight leotards that conform perfectly to their toned bodies. Upon entering their home, they discover an unusual object on their table that previously was not there.

"What is that?" Ashley inquires.

The women walk closer to the object.

"Aaw!" Rachel exclaims. "It's a statue of a baby!"

Rachel goes to pick up the statue, though upon making physical contact with the object, a flash of light engulfs the room. When it subsides, Rachel is gone and nowhere to be found.

"Rachel? Rachel, where are you?!" Ashely cries out. "What's going on?! What was that?! And where's Rachel?!"

Ashley looks at the statue.

"This... this statue... something's not right. Something is—"

Ashley is interrupted by a sudden pain in her stomach; an intense cramping feeling that forces her to wrap her arms around her belly in pain.

"Ow! Ow! Oh my god! Ow! Oow!"

The pain continues to linger.

"What is... what is wrong with my stomach?! Ooow!!!"

The pain gradually subsides, however Ashley's belly begins to gurgle and elicit a feeling that she has never experienced before.

"Oooh... what is... I feel... I feel full all of a sudden... my belly..."

Ashley's belly gurgles and begins to grow before her eyes; expanding to a size that belongs to a woman who is 3 months pregnant.

"My... my stomach! What is happening? Is it GROWING?!"

Every inch of her growth can be seen as her swelling belly presses up against her skin-tight leotard. Ashley stares at her expanding self in horror.

Ashley's breasts begin to grow as well, and in a matter of moments, what were once B cup breasts have swelled into D cups.

"My boobs! NO! Why is this happening?! How is this POSSIBLE?!"

Astonished by her new bosom, Ashley explores her newfound breasts with her hands, in awe of what has happened to her. So much so, that she fails to realize that her belly has resumed growing.

"Oh... my boobs... they feel so heavy and full... and they're SO SORE! Ooh..."

Her belly unleashes a particularly large gurgle, which turns her attention back to her stomach, which now appears to be 6 months pregnant.

"OH. MY. GOD!"

Ashley places her hands on her hard, protruding belly. Looking at a nearby full view mirror, Ashley hardly recognizes the woman that she sees.

"Oh my god, my BELLY! My BOOBS! They're HUGE! I'M HUGE! My leotard... if I get at bigger, I'm going to burst out of it!!!"

Ashley continues to stare at herself in the mirror as her belly swells even larger, eventually expanding to the size of a 9 month pregnant woman's belly. Further adding to pregnant appearance, her belly button pops out and presses against her leotard. Her D cup breasts fill and swell into DD's.

"Wait a second... my breasts feel full and sore... my belly is gigantic and my belly button is popping out... Am I... PREGNANT?

Ashley desperately wants to believe that she is dreaming, but she knows that she is awake, and she knows what she has become.

"No! I can't be pregnant! I CAN'T be a mother! And where's Rachel?!

Ashley feels painful movement within her belly.

"AH! M-my... my belly... was... was that a kick? Oh my god... that was a KICK! I really AM pregnant! My baby KICKED! RACHEL HELP ME!!!"

Ashley feels another kick from her baby.

"Wait a second... Rachel?"

She feels yet another kick.


And another kick.

Ashley now understands: uttering Rachel's name causes movement within her womb for a reason, a horrifying reason:

"Oh my god... that statue... it didn't make Rachel disappear... she's inside me! I'm PREGNANT with RACHEL!"

Responding to her name once again, Ashley feels Rachel's raucous movements within her colossal belly, this time even more harshly the previous. Though having never experienced pregnancy before, Ashley knows what is happening to her.


Baby Rachel however has no intention of remaining inside her friend's—or rather, her mother's—belly any longer, and Ashley's water breaks. Ashley and Rachel are more than just friends now.

Fade to black...
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