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Old 04-17-2017, 06:28 PM
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TF Sensual Moon

So this is a bit of a redux of a story I wrote months ago with a "were-bimbo" theme. I decided I wasn't really satisfied so I decided to redo it, Let me know what you think!:

The story begins with an old school mother, a homebody with a clothing style reminiscent of the 80s, with a ponytail, a bright colored long sleeve button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of jeans raised up above the waist. While relaxing in the living room she notices a mysterious bottle with the lettering "Sensual Moon" on it. She doesn't recognize ever buying the bottle or even that is was there earlier. Curious, she decides to take a sip of it, it's been a while since she had an alcoholic beverage and it wouldn't hurt to try a little bit. The taste is incredibly sweet, maybe too sweet. She questions if it was even alcoholic and puts the drink down.
Later that night as she calls an old friend talking about her day, she begins to feel hot, it distracts her so much she asks her friend if she could call them later. Beads of sweat run down her face and she starts to feel a headache coming. She puts her hand at her head and suddenly he fingernails jut out and turn red. She looks at her hands in shock, what happened? She doesn't remember getting her nails done. As she questions her hands a loud groan comes from her stomach and her hands shoot down holding it as she moans in pain. she struggles to get to her counter to prop herself up. She feels a tug in her shirt and she brings her hands up to see that her breasts are growing. Sloshing and groaning under her shirt, she looks in horror as her breasts expand bigger than they've ever been. Straining her shirt, they finally stop growing and she now has breasts the size more appropriate in front of a playboy magazine, she can't even hold in one with two hands.
She decides to go to the mirror in her bathroom to see what's happening to her. what she sees is beyond her belief. her breasts have tripled in size and are so heavy she can barely even stand upright, even if she were to hold them both up. Then she starts to moan in more pain as she holds herself up on the sink. The tug is coming from under her waist now.
She turns her head down to her backside to see that her butt is pushing outwards. She begs for someone to help her as her rear stretches out, doubling her normal size. The pressure finally stops and she reaches her hand down to her new bottom, she can't believe what's happened to her, she couldn't have even imagined having a body such as this, even as a teenager. This isn't her, something's taking over her once normal, but now extremely sexual body. Then her headache comes back in force and she screams as she holds her hands to her head. Her ponytail begins to come undone and her lips suddenly become a glossy red.
As her hands come back down from her face, she's no longer the woman she once was. Her clothes have stretched so tight with her new, curvaceous figure, her nails long and dark red, her hair let loose and flowing, and her lips red and smiling sensually. She breathes in, taking in her new sexy form, and laughs. It's finally time to let her true self out.
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