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Old 01-09-2016, 12:52 PM
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Franny Kruger - School Girl Breast Expansion

Exhausted, Sarah Swan (name used as a place holder) was sitting at her desk taking the test she had crammed for all the previous night. She hoped that the Energy Blast caffeinated bubble gum she was chewing would help keep her awake long enough to pass the test. Sarah blew a bubble and sucked it back in, being careful that the teacher didn't see. She shook her head, trying to stay awake. Her next bubble made a loud snap that drew the attention of the teacher. Sarah saw the pants of the teacher standing next to her desk. Sarah looked up to see the teacher was leaning over so they were now face to face. "Miss Swan", scolded the teacher, "I clearly stated no gum chewing during the test. Do you know what happens to rule breakers?"

"No?" Sarah inquired. As she said no, the teacher grabbed her head and kissed her deeply on the lips. One of the teacher's hands was wearing a glove with knives for fingers. Sarah struggled to free herself from the kiss. The now revealed Franny quickly moved away and back to the front of the class, sitting on the teacher's desk. Franny was obviously chewing something.

"Now this is going to blow you away", Franny chuckled as she started to blow a bubble with her gum. Sarah realized that Franny had stolen her gum during the "kiss". As Franny's bubble grew larger, so did Sarah's breasts.

Even if Sarah could get up, she couldn't run away or fit through the door. Franny's bubble was nearly three feet in diameter and Sarah's breasts were close behind.

Franny took the bubble from her mouth, holding it in one hand as she raised the gloved hand with a blade pointed towards the bubble. Wide-eyed with fear, Sarah shook her head no, "No, please don't pop me!" she begged as she watched the tip of Franny's blade slowly draw closer to the bubble.

As the blade was about to touch the bubble, Sarah shut her eyes tight, preparing for the end.

Ending 1: POP
Franny popped the bubble with a loud bang, following by a loud bang from where Sarah had sat. Sarah's popping startled Franny for a moment, then Franny beamed a victorious smile and laughed, "Ha, ha, ha... You Flunked".

Ending 2: NON-POP
Franny popped the bubble with a loud ringing of a school bell sound. Sarah screamed and then realized there was no popping sound. She opened her eyes and found herself alone in an empty classroom. The bell had rung, signaling the changing of classes and had woken her up from the nightmare in the nick of time. Sarah looked down and saw that her boobs were still huge like they had been in the dream. Freaked out, Sarah tried to stand up and fell over, hitting her head on the edge of a desk.

Sarah heard laughing from the teacher's desk and looked towards the sound.

[production note: mid-frame zooming-in closeup on Franny] Franny was laughing, "Ha ha ha...Ready for round two?" Franny gleefully started blowing another bubble as the screen fades to black.

Please comment with which ending you like best.

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wevbn2000 (10-23-2016), YouLittleMonster! (01-09-2016)
Old 01-09-2016, 07:14 PM
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Wow I personally really like the idea of a Franny Kruegar, a hot sexy version of Freddy tormenting and inflating girls in their dreams. (Or real life depending on how you look at it.) And it seems sexually nightmarish and humiliating how you have Franny inflate the girls' breasts via blowing up the gum. Although I do like both endings, I personally may like the first one. I like both popping and without but the popping seems more like what Freddy would do. (assuming that Franny is pretty much the same as Freddy personality wise). But however, the second ending leaves 'room' for a sequel. Or hell just make it into a series haha. But if i had to choose, go with the popping option with the possibility of Franny returning and inflating other victims.
That is quite a load...
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sleeper248 (01-11-2016)
Old 01-11-2016, 11:36 PM
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Can you do a weight gain Freddy Kruger story
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Old 01-13-2016, 09:13 PM
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Super Deania, I sent you a PM answering your question.
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Super_Deania_ (01-18-2016)
Old 10-22-2016, 10:11 PM
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Shooting Kruger stuff tomorrow
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sleeper248 (10-23-2016), wevbn2000 (10-23-2016)
Old 10-23-2016, 06:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Taylor View Post
Shooting Kruger stuff tomorrow
Awesome! hope we see something like sleeper's story or something hourglass !
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sleeper248 (10-24-2016)

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