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Old 10-03-2017, 02:06 AM
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INFLATION Too Much Vuruca (joline hex blueberry request)

Too Much?

Too much?

“I’ve waited so long for this….” Vuruca Salt thought to herself, staring at the ten pieces of gum sitting on the table in front of her, bubbling merrily. Vuruca had long had a desire to become a blueberry, to become a giant round juicy blueberry , and after a long search she’d found a doctor that would help her to achieve her goal. She was able to get in touch with a female doctor that headed up a clinic for nonsurgical enhancement, Dr. Samantha White. Vuruca immediately heard back from the doctor. Shortly after that Dr. White said she was sending a dose of a new serum in the form gum that would transforms her into a blueberry of gargantuan size, and as an extra suprise a particularly orgasmic experience. Vuruca had waited a fortnight for the serum to arrive and at last it was here. Taking a moment to examine her body, she ran her hands sensually around her curves, as if she were saying goodbye. She already had an extremely attractive figure, with a nicely rounded giant bubble balloon of a rear, a great hourglass shape, and perky C-cup size breasts that she displayed very well with turtlenecks, but she wanted to become a giant blueberry. According to the doctor, this serum should do exactly that, and much more. “I wonder what will happen….” vuruca cupped her boobs and closed her eyes. For a few moment she imagined herself filling with blueberry juice then growing bigger and bigger until she explodes. “Well….maybe not that big. I don't want to die. What good is being a blueberry if I can’t even transforms into a blueberry again and again.”

With that final thought, and unable to restrain herself any longer, the blue girl grabbed the container. She popped the sealed top off. For a moment she thought about drinking it all in one go and seeing just how big she could push her breasts, but then decided it would be better to take it slow. Vuruca tipped back the beaker and took a single big gulp of the purple serum. It fizzed in her mouth like soda pop yet it had a thick consistency like syrup that slid slowly down her throat. Immediately it burbled in her stomach, gurgling happily like the rest of the serum in the beaker. Vuruca set it aside on a table.

“If this goes well….maybe I’ll have another sip.” She sat and rubbed her breasts, expecting the serum to take effect at any moment. Intentionally the giddy girl had worn one of her looser tops made of a stretchy material and beneath that she’d worn one of her cheap bras that she didn’t mind ruining. In fact she hoped that her transformation would rip out both of her bra and cloths.

It started slowly at first with a blue dot centered on her nose and spread to her whole body, within couple minutes she was completely blue. An excited smile spread across her face, her eyes lighting up with anticipation and arousal. A quiet gurgling sound grew. At first she thought it was coming from her stomach then when her booty suddenly quavered in her hands, Vuruca realized it was starting.

“Oh yes…yes…here it comes….grow…grow for me,” she encouraged her lovely rump. They responded immediately swelling outwards, pushing into her hands and filling out her Pink brand black spandex leggings. “Oh there you are! Mmmm wow this….this is really….mmmm,” she bit her lip sensually as a pleasurable tingling sensation grew stronger and she realized that it was being caused by the seat of her pants tighten and rubbing against her blossoming bum. Gradually her butt continued it's outwards expansion while Vuruca found herself groping her growing ass increasingly harder with her hands until each squeeze drew a sensual moan from her throat.

The gurgling sound had now built up to an incredibly loud level. Vuruca could feel the serum burbling in her stomach and somehow making a straight line up to her swelling boobs. She could feel fluid pushing into them, forcing them to expand to accommodate the inflow of the serum. The fluid wasn’t remaining in a liquid state once it reached her breasts. It was rapidly flowing into her bosom. Her boobs were then forced to expand massively. Larger and larger her breasts continued to grow, feeding off of the small dose of serum she’d drank.

“Mmmm grow more…..grow for me………yes my babies are….mmmmmph….getting so big for me…..but….why is it happening so slowly?” Vuruca’s shirt was visibly moving now, the hem of it starting to rise slightly and reveal her slim waist. Up top her low cut was being stretched out now by her breasts, which had reached a very respectable size of double D cups and were still growing even larger, although the growth seemed to be slowing down. Two small nubs were now visible through her shirt material. Vuruca’s searching hands found them quickly and she turned her attentions to pinching them both with her fingers, drawing an instant shriek of pleasure. “Oh wow….and it’s not even cold out!” she giggled to herself and continued tweaking her sensitive nipples. The growth of her breasts had definitely slowed down noticeably. Vuruca’s lip stuck out as she pouted, giving her tits another hard squeeze hoping that it would kickstart the growth again. Instead the gurgling sound died out completely.

“Awwww…..but….but it was just getting fun!” she whined. “Im not a blueberry yet I want….*gurgle*” Vuruca paused, feeling a very strong rumble emanating from her whole body that grew so intense that she could see her growth. “W-what…what’s happening….” The bubbling built in intensity. “Oh….Oh….it….feels….so good…..I think….I’m going to…..OHGOD!!” She moaned as her breasts, ass and belly merged into a spherical shape. Vuruca blew up like a party balloon, gurgling, groaning, and expanding rapidly outwards. soon Vuruca’s clothes had become little to tight. “Oh…ugh…it’s too tight. Please just rip….I can’t take it anymore,” she whimpered hoping that her clothes would tear off and give her some relief at last. Her pants shirt everything burst off. Vuruca’s moaning turned to extreme moans of ecstasy. Finally, after another burst of growth that pressed her pussy harder on the floor she went insane in pleasure.

Vuruca’s rational mind ceased to exist It had been consumed by lust and unadulterated pleasure. Vuruca didn’t want the growth to stop, she wanted to fill the room and beyond. The growth spurt had driven the blueberry girl into a growth craze that consumed any rational thoughts of maintaining a manageable size. Humping the floor Vuruca glanced hungrily at the container of purple serum that was still bubbling, enticing her.

“Time to really start growing,” the girl said to herself, grabbing the container and pressing it to her lips. An image came to mind of her blueberry body crushing the furniture in the room and pressing up against the walls until they gave out. She grinned then tipped back her head, emptying the entire batch of serum down her throat. It hit her almost immediately, the burbling sensation growing to an intense level that actually made her hunch over and moan. It wasn’t painful, though, far from it. “Oh my….oh my that feels amazing…..more…oh more….here it comes! It’s going to be BIG! I’M GOING TO BE BIG!”

*Gurgle…groan….rumble….gurgle…..BAWOOMF!!* Her body audibly inflated, filling out what little remained of her neck in a matter of seconds as gallons and gallons of blueberry juice piled onto her already monstrous body as she reached studio size. Even though she was still upright vuruca found herself starting to tip forwards. Dark blue flash was flst she had become too too big to be restrain in her kitchen any longer. Her body was now pressing up into her chin, in fact the bottom of her head seemed to be sinking into the gigantic blue ball that was herself somewhat. Vuruca tried her best to keep a hold of her hands but another growth spurt put them out of reach limiting her ability to grope her body to just the sides. She didn’t mind though.

Along with the almost deafening rumble of her blueberry expansion, As her body pulsated out bigger Mia began to feel a new feeling form inside of her,
one that she usually felt when she was about to ride a hot guy. The feeling increased exponentially as her body increased drastically in size.
“What.. is… HHGNNNNGG” Vuruca moaned as her face twisted and she attempted to lean forward
as a wave of sexual energy passed through her body. Her humping the floor defintly weren’t helping either as as she got bigger her pussy and she grew moist with blue juices that were leaking
out of her. Her now blue eyes rolled back in her head as she felt the orgasm building greater and greater until finally release. “HgngsdfdufuffffUUUUUHHH” Vuruca moaned as she finally came, her darkening blue body shaking like a waterballoon on top of a washing machine as she orgasmed the most intense orgasm she ever had in her life. A gusher of blue liquid spewed out of her pussy and tits as her tounge stuck out of her mouth. She had never felt this kind of feeling before and almost didn’t want it to stop. Her orgasm lasted a solid minute before she finally setteled down and caught
her breath. As soon as her orgasm ended, she felt another one coming on. “Wwwat? Wait?!” Vuruca groaned as another blast of an orgasm racked her overtaxed blue body, spewing another helping of juice
“I...I cwant...ooooh….stwop...cwumming!” Vuruca moaned as orgasm after orgasm shot through
her. And despite all the juice she was expelling she still felt tighter and bigger than ever before. another orgasm rocked her body. And then another after that, and then another. She literally couldn’t stop having orgasm after orgasm at this point. Each one hit her like a truck, shaking her overtaxed body with an incredible force. And as soon as it was over another one hit her. Vuruca was now a slave to her own body at this point as orgasms littered her body and she didn’t care. at this moment Vuruca could hardly stand the pleasure. It felt so good she felt that she might actually pass out first, which she really wanted to avoid doing as she didn’t want to miss a single moment of this growth.

“SO BIG!! IT FEELS SO DAMN GOOD!!!” she screamed, “Oh please more….more…MORE!!!!!!!”

Snapping out of her sexual thoughts, Vuruca saw that she was almost close to
touching the ceiling at this point. While she was busy having her fun, Vuruca had blow up into an enormous round blue ball. A thought hit her. “If…If I keep getting bigger though”, she looked at the walls to her sides and thought about the chances of bursting, “….that’s not all possible. Maybe….” Vuruca felt her body get so tight it felt like she could pop like an overinflated tic “Maybe….maybe I drank too much.” Vuruca started to realize that she might have gone too far in her desire to grow bigger. “I can’t even move! But GOD it feels sooooo good…..mmmmm….mmmm….MORE!! BIGGER!!! YES BIGGER!!!” Vuruca decided she didn’t care any longer. “I’m fucking massive. I’m PERFECT!” breathing heavily and letting out
louder and longer moans. Each thrust that Vuruca humped against the floor let loud dangerous
sounding sloshes scream out beneath Vuruca’s blue skin. All the juice inside of her was being
vigorously shaken and impacted. The result of which made Vuruca looked like a water balloon
bouncing up and down. Every wall around her creaked from the stress of having so much swelling mass pressing against them. “Oh dear….the room…I’m going to break out of the room….” Just as she thought the walls would for sure give out the growth stopped, leaving the blue hottie trapped between her room filling breasts and the ceiling above her. “What am I going to do? I can’t move…I can’t call for help….hopefully a neighbor will come over soon. Maybe…I’ll shrink down? “Hwah… I dwoubt… dwat… I’m gwigantwic. I’M THE BEST! I’M FUCKING UNPOPPABLE!” Vuruca rubbed her body gently, enjoying the pleasure the slight movement sent streaking through her body, drawing a loud moan with every touch. “Well I might as well enjoy….” ‘HNNNG BIGGER… NEED… TO… BE… BIGGER!’ she continued to think despite the fact she was seconds away from detonating.

Vuruca suddenly felt a familiar feeling return along with a memory of what had happened earlier after she’d taken the first sip of the serum Only after experiencing was she able to full realize her situation. her body went into overdrive growth and tripled in size. *GURGLE!!!* A loud rumble shook the entire room. Vuruca could feel an enormous amount of pressure building up inside her blueberry body that were now shaking violently, trembling as a torrent of the serum was absorbed into her body. She hit supernova, her entire body gurgling and roaring like the boiling cauldron of a volcano, Her bare blueberry body let out a Jurassic roar. ‘FUCK… TOO BIG… TO BIG! SHIT I’M GONNA… OOOOOH… FUCKING BUUUUUURST… I CAN’T HOLD THIS MUCH… HNNNNNNNNG… JUUUUUUICE!


Vuruca’s last thoughts was full of lust, pleasure, screaming, and violent pressure. Now that she exploded there was just a soothing calm that was over the ocean of blueberry juice that flooded the basement.
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Nice story, thanks
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Originally Posted by Chalchiuhticuenaabah View Post
Nice story, thanks
Hey wanna start a poll for this to be made into a clip
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Old 11-21-2017, 05:01 PM
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Holy crap this story is AMAZING. hope this gets made
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I'm amazed that this story turned out rlly good its good to see another person writing stories on this thread
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Old 11-23-2017, 08:08 AM
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INFLATION hope taylor makes this

I really would love to see this made into a clip
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