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Old 01-28-2016, 08:34 AM
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MAXGROWTH 2 Clip Versions - MAXGROWTH: Growing Boobs Shrinking Boyfriend POV and also with FMG

MAXGROWTH: Growing Boobs Shrinking Boyfriend POV

Lucia's boyfriend cheats on her with an Amazon. She uses her witch powers to make him shrink and her boobs grow. She taunts him with her growing boobs & about his size as he shrinks to inches high, before stepping on him.

MAXGROWTH: Growing Boobs AND Muscle Shrinking Boyfriend POV-FMG

All of GROWING BOOBS, SHRINKING BOYFRIEND POV --plus-- Female Muscle Growth!

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Old 02-03-2016, 09:10 AM
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(I got the BE version)

I wasn't sure about this one due to the shrinking but it turned out to be a very nice clip!

The usual great Lucia acting.
Lots of great process.
The only downside was the ending. I liked where it was originally going before it took the getting stepped on turn. (I think the doll house angle could have been played with more but i'm really nitpicking on this one) However there is some ambiguity to the ending so maybe you didn't get stepped on
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Old 06-16-2017, 08:44 PM
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MAXGROWTH MAXGROWTH: Growing Boobs Shrinking Boyfriend POV and also with FMG (with Koa)

I bought it and like Lucia. She does good FMG. I would however like to see something similar with Koa. (She also does good FMG. I wish she did more) I would ask for the same POV process except in my story the girlfriend (Koa) finds out her boyfriend likes tall busty muscle women from his internet page or whatever, and since he did not cheat on her, she grows into his dream girl. As for the shrinking boyfriend, I can take or leave it
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