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Old 10-27-2016, 12:24 PM
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TF curse of the were-bimbo

I had this story I made a while back, hopefully it can be done one day but I figure i put it on here for you guys to see, maybe put in your thoughts on it? I'm sure it could use a few tweaks, I made this story over a year ago, so tell me what you think!

It starts with a woman of high stature, a woman who's let her power get to her head, who feels she deserves all the attention in the world and looks down on those she feels is inferior. She returns one day after one of her many busy but satisfying days at her company. When she clears her purse she sees a small parchment that she didn't recognize putting in there before, and opens it, she reads it:
"You think yourself better than everyone? You think you deserve all the attention in the world?
Well fine, let us make that happen. Now, every full moon, you will get that attention you seek
so dearly, but I hope you're ready for what it takes away."
She finds this hilarious and crumples the paper into the trash. Fast forward to the next night, a full moon. She's getting ready for a late night meeting when she notices the alluring reflection of the full moon. So beautiful, she finds it hard to look away, but she does. She stops by to her desk and she starts to feel hot, like a heat wave just consumed the room, so hot that she begins to sweat. Could she have turned the heat up and not noticed? She sits at her desk fanning herself, but feels like it's getting hotter and hotter. She starts to feel sudden pain rush over her body. She arches her back and her breasts push forward, sloshing out and expanding. She looks down in immense pain and fear as her breasts consume her button dress shirt. Her breasts grow so large they bust open her dress jacket before finally stopping. It looks like two almost melons have taken form on her chest and she can't get them off, they're big, soft, heavy, and very painful.
What is this? A hallucination, a dream? It must be, but the pain, the heat, it feels so real. She reaches up to her chest to feel these two large bulbs, maybe if she can't feel them, she is in a dream. But it's not the case. She feels every part of her new engorged bust. So sloshy, much larger than she's accustomed, and painful. Her skin is so stretched. And before she can gather her thoughts the stretching pain moves down to her rear. She stands to see, to her horror, her butt heaving forward. All this time working out to a perfect slim frame, being lost before her very eyes. When her butt finally frees herself from her designer jeans, her slim frame becomes a thing from the past, replaced with this new hourglass of a body. She reaches down to feel her new bottom, but it's like a stinging pain, not just coming from the rear, but her hand. She looks at her hands, and her nails have turned into long, sharp, pink nails. What's happening to her? What kind
of sick joke is this? She's trying to pull herself together, but her mind is beginning to haze. She can't focus anymore, and she falls back into her chair, passed out from the tension her new, expanded figure has put on her. As she is gone from consciousness, her sleek, brown hair changes and grows out into long, flowing, blond hair, her lips grow, and become pink, close to her nails, and she suddenly has heavy eyeliner. When she awakens, the high class, superior woman is no more, instead, replaced by a buxom, bubbly bimbo, with much of her intelligence taken from her. The one thing she remembers from her past, was that she had a meeting to attend to. And so begins the first full moon of the were-bimbo
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