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Old 03-05-2018, 12:28 PM
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INFLATION Suit Inflation: "Fulla Hot Air"


I think making a clip based off of Sievert's (1995) story "Fulla Hot Air" would be great. This story is a classic. If you're into suit inflation, you should definitely give it a read.


The story involves a beauty pageant. It was the final round; only two contestants remained. The last event was the swimsuit competition.

One of the competitors, Sherri, has been cheating. Specifically, she has been using a high tech skin-toned bodysuit that is designed to inflate and accentuate her curves. The other competitor, Veronica, finds out about the cheating and devises a plan to give Sherri what she deserves.

Veronica visits Sherri in the latter's dressing room. Sherri is in a one-piece bathing suit and is doing her makeup.

Veronica wishes Sherri good luck and, while doing so, secretly attaches a hose to the valve in Sherri's suit. The hose is attached to a helium tank. Veronica leaves Sherri's dressing room and opens the valve on the tank.

Veronica returns to doing her makeup. She does not notice her suit inflating at first - but when she does, she is shocked. She thinks the suit is malfunctioning. Eventually, she finds the hose, but is unable to remove it before her arms are forced out to her sides.

As the suit fills up, she starts to float. Veronica enters the room and starts to mock Sherri.

Sherri, who is both shocked and embarrassed, begs for help. Instead of helping, Veronica ties a rope around Sherri's ankle and says, "Let's go see some judges."

Production Notes

I think Pristine would be great as Sherri. She did a great job expressing both humiliation and shock in "POV: Your Chemistry Teachers Humiliating Expansion."
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Thank you so much for helping me.
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Old 09-27-2023, 06:03 PM
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