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Old 07-14-2018, 08:16 AM
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MAXGROWTH MAXGROWTH: Ambush Inflation Revenge

MAXGROWTH: Ambush Inflation Revenge

Lucia is ambushed by a vengeful woman (voice over by Tara Tied) who forcibly inflates her, and seductively taunts her, until her final over-inflated moment. POPPING!


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Old 07-14-2018, 02:57 PM
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Just bought the video and found it very enjoyable. Here I'll give my opinion about the stong aspects of it, and my opinion of how it could be even better.

Strong Aspects
- I like her outfit's color combination. Her redhead matching her lips, and her blue eyes matching that beautiful blue dress over her clothes. Also the dress looks very stretchy and very appropiate for the expansion.
- Those light eyes are very convenient to accentuate the surprise, and are well used. I like how they open wide when she is first caught, and also like them pretty much during the rest of the video.
- Her puffy cheeks have a peculiar shape that is very comical and attractive.
- I like the actress' reactions. They feel very fitting.
- Sounds work great. Stretching and expanding sounds awesome. I also like that the moans aren't too loud. For me they have the right volume.
- The length of the video is right too. I think that longer would have been too much. Even shorter would be fine. The size is ok as it is.
- I read about the popping before buying the clip. As the ending approached I felt it was too much of a severe punishment in this case. However the sounds used for the explosion were pretty funny and a relief after some of the cruel comments by the revengeful girl. The clip was visually and acustically(regarding the stretching sounds) very appealing for me.

Context Opinions
I'd like to find irony in the reason for the girl to choose inflation as her method of revenge. Otherwise inflating her, while obviously is intended as a punishment, also feels like a very random pick here.
For example the off-screen voice of the revengeful girl could have let us know in someway that she found them cheating on her in the pool. The redhead woman Lucia was floating on the water and the man was lying face down over her and they both were kissing. That is, as they kissed Lucia was working as an inflatable mattress at the same time, you know, some people are good at floating on water. So the taunting aimed at Lucia here could be about inflating her very tight "to make sure the ship doesn't sink during the next encounter with her boyfriend"

Hose Opinions
- I'm a big fan of hose in mouth inflations and humorous atmosphere. A little detail that I personally think would do wonders if done a little different is the moment in which the hose is put into Lucia's mouth. It is put in too carefully and feels like the victim just accepts to hold it. I think it would work better if the dominating girl was holding the hose very close to the tip, and inserted it into her mouth with a quick movement. A cut could be used here to actually adjust the hose into the mouth, off-camera. A "cork out of bottle" sound would fit greatly I think. Here's a video example of what I mean:
- I personally like the hose slightly wider(like the one in the video just linked). But that's me and the preview looked good enough to make me buy the clip, and I'm happy with it

Overall a very entertaining clip that I feel is totally worth the money
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Old 07-14-2018, 04:05 PM
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I absolutely loved this clip! Forced belly inflation are my favorite ❤ but being honest the victim didn't really fight that much so it looks as though she accepted to be blown up. Do you think you could do another clip like this but with a thicker hose or a firehose making it's return? ❤❤and the girl struggling a lot more so it actually looks as though she is fighting for her life but ultimately explodes in the end anyway. Love you Taylor ❤
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