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Old 12-30-2017, 07:33 PM
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TF Orgasmic Blueberry Growth

Orgasmic Blueberry Growth

Julie comes home to a fresh pie and blueberries. She begins eating it and becomes aroused. The more she eats the more blue and large she gets. The juice gives her multiple orgasms and the pressure builds until she pops in ecstasy. Julie is amazing


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Old 12-30-2017, 08:14 PM
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Awesome just to things

One I want to sse one with ass expansion or hourglass inflation and parts of the clip to have this kind of acting.

“I’ll grow even bigger! I’ll grow bigger than this vat, then this room, then our entire house! That idiot! I’ll show him. I’ll destroy his entire property with my size! I’m unstoppable now! I’ll grow forever and just orgasm bigger and better each and every time. I’ll get a thousand women and pump all of them into me until I’m bigger than the CITY!!!” Regina moaned as she shook her own body and humped against the floor. Her body throbbed larger and heavier as she pressed her vagina against the floor as she felt her treasure of an orgasm coming on.

“YES YES YES HERE IT COMES! THIS IS IT! IF ONLY THOSE DUMB BITCHES WERE LIKE ME! UNPOPPABLE, UNSTOPPABLE!” Regina screamed as she inched forward a little bit more… and more… until…

“SPLEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWSSSSSSHHHHH!” a giant gusher of blue juices erupted from Regina’s pussy like a geyser as she orgasmed. The juices broke like a dam and drenched the entire vat with her liquid. “HHGAIWGBPIAGASAG” Regina yelled as her eyes rolled back and her mouth dribbled blue colored spit out of it. Her fingers and toes all twitched with pleasure, despite being buried a few feet within her swollen body now. It was the single biggest orgasm she had ever felt before and it was incredible. Her entire body continued to twitch for seconds on end almost for full five minute as the orgasm washed over her. Her face contorted as she made alien like noises of moans and pleasure. She was in pure heaven for this entire minute until she finally felt that need to cum start to dwindle.

She panted heavily after the biggest orgasm in her life and breathed heavily through puffed up cheeks.

“F…finally… I… I… did it…” Regina muttered to herself, exhausted. But she had finally done it, she had finally become a blueberry girl and gotten off just like had always wanted to. “Now… just need to drain these juices and…” but before Regina could finish all of a sudden the urge and pleasure came back with a vengeance and began to shake her body again with sexual lust.

“What?! But I just came!” Regina moaned as she felt her body swell up even bigger and faster and her eyes rolled back in her head once again. Her face contorted and she moaned and began to rub her spherical body against the floor and came again, sending another surge of juices out of her. It lasted another five minutes as well, the entire time leaving Regina in a state of pure bliss. When it was done she panted again, as blue sweat dripped from her forehead.

“Huh, well that was interest… HRRRRRGGGHSNINGGGGGG” Regina moaned again as yet another orgasm rocked her body. And then another after that, and then another. She literally couldn’t stop having orgasm after orgasm at this point. Each one hit her like a truck, shaking her overtaxed body with an incredible force. And as soon as it was over another one hit her. Regina was a slave to her own body at this point as orgasms littered her body and her eyes continuously bulged outward with pleasure from each one.

“HWONEY?! HWELP…HNNGGGUUUUGUH… CAN’T….HUUOOOORRRRGHH… STAWP!” Regina groaned as orgasms exploded inside of her. “IT’S TWOO MWUCH!!!” Regina moaned, she couldn’t take it anymore; this was what she had always wanted, but not like this. She needed a break but her body wouldn’t let her as she squeezed gallon after gallon of juice out of her from cumming. And the entire time her body was swelling up even bigger from pent up sexual lust. As each orgasm rocked her body.

room filling breasts and the ceiling above her. “What am I going to do? I can’t move…I can’t call for help….hopefully a neighbor will come over soon. Maybe…I’ll shrink down? “Hwah… I dwoubt… dwat… I’m gwigantwic. I’M THE BEST! I’M FUCKING UNPOPPABLE!” Vuruca rubbed her body gently, enjoying the pleasure the slight movement sent streaking through her body, drawing a loud moan with every touch. “Well I might as well enjoy….” ‘HNNNG BIGGER… NEED… TO… BE… BIGGER!’ she continued to think despite the fact she was seconds away from detonating.

Vuruca suddenly felt a familiar feeling return along with a memory of what had happened earlier after she’d taken the first sip of the serum Only after experiencing was she able to full realize her situation. her body went into overdrive growth and tripled in size. *GURGLE!!!* A loud rumble shook the entire room. Vuruca could feel an enormous amount of pressure building up inside her blueberry body that were now shaking violently, trembling as a torrent of the serum was absorbed into her body. She hit supernova, her entire body gurgling and roaring like the boiling cauldron of a volcano, Her bare blueberry body let out a Jurassic roar. ‘FUCK… TOO BIG… TO BIG! SHIT I’M GONNA… OOOOOH… FUCKING BUUUUUURST… I CAN’T HOLD THIS MUCH… HNNNNNNNNG… JUUUUUUICE!


Vuruca’s last thoughts was full of lust, pleasure, screaming, and violent pressure. Now that she exploded there was just a soothing calm that was over the ocean of blueberry juice that flooded the basement.
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Taylor (01-02-2018)
Old 01-02-2018, 01:54 PM
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For those of you who liked Julie. I am shooting her again next week. Any Specific Requests?
I was thinking about an hourglass. Let me know if you anyone has a specific good idea for her.
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Killerskull (01-03-2018)
Old 01-03-2018, 04:56 AM
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I would love to see her in a full body inflation vid I think she would be great
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Killerskull (01-03-2018)
Old 01-03-2018, 06:34 PM
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this clip is rlly good i like bb clips when thwe actress gets aroused while becoming a blueberry
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