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Old 04-22-2017, 06:53 PM
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INFLATION Teaching her Roommate a Lesson

Teaching her Roommate a Lesson

Dita comes home from work to find her roommate covered in her cookie crumbs. She is furious she ate the entire bag. She shoves a tube in her and blows her up huge and pushes her out of the house to live fat and on the street.


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Old 04-23-2017, 07:22 AM
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Ok.. this is me giving my 2 cents on what I thought of this clip, this is not to make anyone mad it's just my personal opinion and I rarely give my true thoughts, I wasn't particularly a fan of a few things:

1. Inserting the hose: I actually got excited when she was about to stick the hose in her mouth, but then it went into her V, not a bad idea since it gives Hussy the oportunity to have some dialogue, but I have always enjoyed when thick tubes are shoved into the mouth, I see as a way of saying "Swallow it all until you pop, you have no choice"

2. The Suit: The suit was nice don't get me wrong, but once filled completely she looked more like a burrito then a human balloon. The suit from the "Abduction Interrogation clip" was so much better to me, since she looked enormous and round.

3. No Pop: I know everyone has their own kinks and turn ons, and I am sure MANY people enjoy that ending. But in my point a view a forced inflation is to literally fill the person until they die (in this case explode). I would like to see the return of an onscreen pop once day, like the clip from the second firehose clip where water splashed on Crystal Clark. It would be fun to kinda see the aftermath of an explosion rather than have it fade to black.

I repeat, this isn't to make anyone mad, they are just my thoughts. I still think that the content Taylor make is incredible and she should keep on doing what she loves cause she's great at it!
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