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Exclamation Gamma pt 36

It was late in the evening when Brie and Kiki arrived in the driveway of Brie’s house. It was a two story with a front and back deck. Both Brie and Kiki got out immediately and stretched their intensely muscular bodies in the moonlight. Each grabbing their bags and headed for the Front door.

Kiki: Thanks for letting me stay here until I can set up a place of my own.

Brie: Well you did give me a car.

Kiki: And the biggest orgasm of your life.

Brie: How did you know it was the biggest.

Kiki: When a girl grabs my head and holds it next to her clit while she cums for a straight minute…one just assumes.

Brie blushes as she opens the door and shows Kiki around. You’ll have to excuse the mess, I got the message to go to Vegas at the last minute.

Kiki: Oh please, between my parents any my sister, I’ve lived in some pretty sleazy motels. You have a really nice place.

Brie: Not as nice as those suites you were used to, though.

Kiki: Yeah but they were empty. I know it sounds so cliché but it takes bricks to make a house. But it takes love to make a home.

Brie: I know the feeling. You’re room is upstairs, first door on the right. You can share my shampoo and soaps but replace it when it runs out or we got issues.

Kiki: Ja, mien Capitan. Sorry force of habit.

Brie: I’m going to hit the sack. I’m beat.

Kiki: Not me. I’m wired. I’ll watch a little boob tube first.

Brie: “Boob tube”? what are you like 80?

Kiki: Close enough. G’night.

Brie: Night.

Brie headed upstairs and entered her room. She closed the door behind her and locked it. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Kiki. After all, they had shared many very intimate experiences. However, Brie did have some things that she didn’t want everyone to know. She slipped out of her denim jeans and sweatshirt and slipped into a long nightshirt. Her exquisite DD breasts slightly bounced with each step Brie took toward her bed while a chilled breeze brought her nipples out to say hello. Lying down, she took her cell phone out and called Brian.

Brian: Hello?

Brie: Hey. We just got back.

Brian: Excellent. You coming in tomorrow?

Brie: Yeah I think so. I doubt I put in a whole day though. But I definitely need to make an appearance. See how bad you’ve been screwing up my gym.

Brian: No more than usual.

Hearing Brian’s sensual voice sent shivers down Brie’s tight body. She began to massage her hard abs involuntarily. “What’s Jess been up to”

Brian: Working. She just kind of comes in, gets her stuff done and finishes her shift up.

Brie: I still haven’t forgiven her for what happened in Arizona.

Brian: Brie, it was an accident.

Brie: I’m not talking about that. I mean yeah, it’s going to be awhile before I get over it, but I just mean, her ditching me and Kiki. I thought we were closer than that.

Brian: I’m sure she had her reasons. You guy’s love each other. It just takes a lot to like each other.

While Brian and Brie continued to chat, a roll of thunder clapped around Brian’s house. He was suddenly startled by the loud noise but didn’t notice the mysterious green light that emanated from the clouds. “What the hell? Did you hear that thunder?” A bit puzzled, Brie replied, “I didn’t hear anything.” Before Brian could explain about the loud clap there was a knock on his door. “Somebody’s at my door. What time is it?”

Brie: About 12:30

Brian: Who in the hell would be coming here after midnight.

Brie: I don’t know Brian. Who would be coming there?

Brian: Nobody that I know of.

Brie: Yeah right. Never mind about that talk we were going to have, Brian.

Brian: Why’s that.

Brie: You’re obviously not ready to think about being serious with me or maybe even anyone else. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Good night.

And with that Brie hung up rather abruptly. Before Brian could call her back the knock came back at the door a bit louder this time. Brian got up and went for the door. Ready to tear into whoever is unfortunate enough to be on the other side. Brian storms over and quickly opens the door. Wearing only pajama bottoms, his bare chest and arms are exposed to the chilled wind that instantly hardened his nipples. But before he could say anything, he was encapsulated by the most entrancing eyes he had ever seen. “I’m so sorry to bother you so late, but may I come in?” Brian nodded stupidly and allowed the mysterious woman to enter his home. She was wearing a black trench coat, nylon stockings and black pumps. When she got inside the house, she took the coat off to reveal a black button down shirt and a black skirt to match.

Mistress Taylor: I need you to do me a favor Brian.

Brian: How do you know my name?

Mistress Taylor: I know a lot about you, Brian. And I know about Jessica. I need you both to stop making your videos.

Brian: Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

Mistress Taylor: The divinatrix must use her powers for a higher purpose.

Brian: The what? Look, it’s late and I’ve got to get up early in the morning. So I’m going to have to ask you to leave.

Mistress Taylor: I’m not going anywhere until you understand the magnitude of young Jessica’s situation.

Brian: I don’t get violent with ladies but I will physically remove you if I have to.

Mistress Taylor: Only if you think you can.

Brian flexed his massive guns, “I’m pretty sure I could handle you. I’m twice your size!” Brian said with a bit of cockiness unusual for his personality. Mistress Taylor showed her distaste for his vulgar display of power. Her former inviting eyes glowed a fiery green. Mistress Taylor charged forward with lightning speed. Grabbing Brian by the throat, she easily lifted him off the floor. His feet dangling around her shins. With both hands wrapped around her slender forearm, Brian tried with no success to break her iron grip.

Brian watched closely as this strange woman’s clothes appeared to get tighter. “You insignificant little insect. Do you honestly think that you are the only one who has to keep a secret.” Mistress Taylor began as her nylon stockings began stretching and tearing. The sleeves of her shirt and the hem of her skirt began to rise, while her shoulders and back began to widen. “I’ve been hiding for centuries. Always afraid someone would find out about me.” Her shirt split at the seems just along her shoulders as buttons began popping. Soon her breasts sprung free with a jiggle all while her skirt could no longer stand the ultimate torture her lower expanding body was bringing forth and exploded off of her frame. Her shoes were obliterated, as her head edged ever closer to the ceiling. Mistress Taylor’s naked frame stood in the middle of Brian’s living room still holding him aloft like a rag doll. She began to take deep breaths, increasing her size two-fold. After a few inhalations, she burst through Brian’s house as if it were a paper bag that was left in the rain. After the seventh breath, she stopped. Towering over the remains of Brian’s house she brought him up to her eyesight. “Who’s big now, mother fucker!” She exclaimed in a booming voice. Cradling him in her hand, she continued. “This is your only warning. Jessica needs to take her powers more seriously.” And with that, Mistress Taylor dropped Brian down toward his house, slamming down on the edge of the roof brought him to his senses. He jerked up from his couch. Everything was back to normal and nothing out of place. He had been dreaming. Brian stood up and walked toward his mirror. He found five bruises around his throat. Examining them a bit more closely, his eyes caught sight of a black piece of material lying on his floor. He bent down to pick it up and felt the silky textured of a petite, feminine trench coat. “What the fuck was that all about?” Brian said to himself.

Back at Jess’ place, She was tossing and turning in her bed, encapsulated in a dream all her own. The all too familiar tube was back again. The unfamiliar writing etched into it’s side was still illegible, yet each symbol began to become more recognizable. The tube began to float away behind a red and white striped curtain. Before her subconscious delved any deeper into the mysteries of her own mind, Jess woke up. She stared at the clock which read 3:47 am. “What the hell is up with my dreams lately.” Jess thought before she rolled over, covering herself and trying to get back to sleep.

2 b continued

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