• MykScot says:

    This video is AWESOME! I want more!! It was better than I imagined. PLEASE tell me that you have more FMG videos planned for the future… The story lines are endless…
    I hope you’ll be able to find more muscular models to BUST SOME SEAMS!!!

    Forever Loyal,

  • N says:

    Excellent video! I was afraid this video would never get finished. I hope more FMG is on the horizon!

  • Taylor says:

    We would shoot more but are having trouble finding female bodybuilders who would be interested. SO let me know if you know of any that live in California or Nevada or at least travel here for work. I keep getting requests to shoot girls that live out of the country. I need them here in order to do anything!
    I tried to book Cory again but she is out of the country as well now.

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