Bunny’s Weight Gain Body Inflation Trailer

Bunny De La Cruz comes back to TaylorMadeClips in a great food-stuffing/body inflation clip.   Bunny makes a bet with her friend that she can eat all she wants without bursting from over doing it.   Bunny turns on her webcam to broadcast the event.
Bunny De La Cruz Will NOT Burst!!!

Bunny body inflation

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3 Responses to “Bunny’s Weight Gain Body Inflation Trailer”

  1. KorgFal Says:

    Thank you thank you thank you! Wonderful!

  2. Billdasmacks Says:

    All I gotta say is that this and the Dahlia Belly clip are gold, keep up the good work. Maybe we can get some belt or button popping action?

  3. Andrewrk98 Says:

    Yes make her belt pop! Make her as big as you can!!!!!! Please!! I BEG YOU! Do some of Taylor Getting as big as she can to!! I like belly inflation videos! do those! Do the best one ever! I like Bunny the best. Make her giant!

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