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Mistress Taylor St Claire has been producing and/or starring in some of the hottest fetish clips to be offered anywhere on the internet for the past three years after spending over 10 years as a professional Mistress and starring in over a thousand fetish, femdom and adult videos.


  • lj0815 says:

    I love mistress taylor st claire

  • Jim Miller says:

    Taylor – Your work is outstanding. Finally someone realized that there was money to be made by catering to this fetish.

    Any plans to do something with body inflation? If you did anything close to the Willy Wonka blueberry scene, you’d be able to retire!

    Thank you! Thank you! And thank you!

    Jim Miller

  • shiryusan says:

    if it’s possible answer me at my mail shiryushan@hotmail.fr ! I’m french, so sorry for my bad english i undestand it good but for writting it’s difficult ^^
    i’have a request of growth !
    Taylor is a thief, dressed with (bodystocking or tight leather) but tight leather was preferable ^^
    she’s suprised by the owner and overwhelm . When she wake up , she’s attached, arms and legs stray ! A rope around his wrists ! she try to release but nothing so she found a idea , she go use a growth technique for break a rope !
    Unfortunately, the growth technique doesn’t work like she would and her body begin to growth but it’s her breasts and other bodyparts !
    Tayol said : What’s going on ! No ! Not like that ! Break the rope !!!

    for the continuation it’s your choices and techniques !!

    Answer me for this request ! shiryushan@hotmail.fr

    Kiss Taylor ! The busted princess ! ^^

  • Taylor says:

    Thank you and yes, my business partner and I have some serious plans for inflation. We are just waiting on some props. A “blueberry” scenario is also something we are discussing with some other people about producing.

  • Taylor says:

    I love the bondage idea with growth. I will use that for sure but probably with another girl that I shoot.

  • B says:

    Mistress Taylor,

    i know you are busy with Your show biz career, but later would You consider using Your remarkable talents to help fight computer crime? No joke.

  • Adam says:

    I’ve have a idea for Holl’ys growth story. Whay don’t you do a alice in wonderland themed one? Or she drinks a potion that causes her to grow out of her clothes and get as big as the room she is in.

  • admin0 says:

    Thats interesting you mention that because we had the same idea. The script would have to be very limited which is fine but there would still need to be one even if it really only had a few lines.

  • Fredric says:

    Hello Miss taylor i have a few suggestions about some inflatable outfits that you would look great in and i no where you can get them. I have a few picture of the inflatable outfit can i sent them to you if you dont mind

    my email is fredric4landry@yahoo.ca

  • shiryusan says:

    Hello ! one question . What do you use for the Breasts Expansion ! i would try with my girlfriend ^^

  • shiryusan says:

    in the breast expansion movies it was good to see really the breasts even it’s fakes ! just for the pleasure to see a humongeous breasts lol (with clothe destruction or button poppin of course, yeah !! ^^)

  • abdee says:

    hai mom . . i love you. . .. i love your tits

  • abdee says:

    please to call me at number 085658974943. or leave an SMS there. ok mom . . . you know i relly love you and your titis

  • shiryusan says:

    Taylor , when my script into movie ? i wait so long !

  • dale says:

    you are my alltime instant-cock-raiser,i am running after your BODY for last 8 years,every single MICROSCOPIC inch of your body is EXTREMELY accentuating for me, i love you

  • Punchy says:

    I love the themes you have in your video clips. Have you ever considered doing a still photo shoot along the lines of Pinup Glam? I think your classic beauty would fit well among the likes of the models there.

  • shiryusan says:


  • shiryusan says:

    new idea for growth ^^

    a woman is to be under the moon ! like a story about werewolf but here it’s growth ! beginning of the moon until full moon ! so at the beginning some change but nothing important , at the half-moon the process begin , the woman is tense , her clothes are tight,swollen nearly to rip and the buttons too ! full moon , the process take place (ripping clothes, buttons popping, bursting or all what you want ) What do you think about it ? messenge me at my email shiryushan@hotmail.fr thank kiss taylor

  • Billy says:

    Hello beautiful – I am a 36 y/o male with an insatiable appetite for a great T & D hand session. I would love to be in one of your Taylor’s teases vidoes and hand a talent you may be interested in. Please reach out to me in interested in my talent, I’m sure there is no shortage of guys for your videos however…….email me bwalters@mttconline.com

    Luv ya!,

  • Matt says:

    Dear Mistress Taylor,
    You are putting on the best show for free!
    You are becoming more beautiful by the day, and seem to be living out one of your own videos by becoming a truly voluptuous woman.
    You could be planning ahead and filming some feeder fantasies, where you are the unwitting victim of either men or women who want to plump you up, for the usual loving or selfish reasons.
    I guess it all is based upon how far you are going with your personal transformation. I think the REAL thing would trump the SFX version, especially if you were the subject. But then again, I gather the whole inflatable thing, is THE THING for many. Go figure!
    I just discovered you researching a bit of a fairy tale I am writing about the new erotic reality of women that is taking shape.
    I’m a little disturbed that I wasn’t aware of someone who has been so busy in pop-culture.
    I thought myself on top of things. It’s turning out that I picked a subject that has more angles to it then I ever imagined!
    I would love to gain some insight from you if you ever feel inclined to share. I know it’s a long shot, but I think you have much you’d like to say, you’ve just never been asked. If you take the bait, you know where to find me.

  • Humbug says:

    Please… what is the full ‘name’ of the young lady ‘Holly’ in several of your expansion / inflation videos? She is amazingly pretty. I would like to see more of the same videos featuring her. Thanx!

  • admin0 says:

    Holly Weber

  • amy says:

    when are u posting ‘age of expansion, part 3’ on youtube as i av waited for it as the other two are gd

  • Sam says:

    Hello Taylor,

    First off, let me tell you that I LOVE your site and your clips. Having a pantyhose fetish, I ran into your site by accident and found myself immemsely turned on with your breast expansion series! I was hoping to put in a request or have a custom video made. Believe it or not, it’s very simple:

    Plot: There’s a girl who was hired by Hooters restaurant but she is depressed because she’s horribly flat chested. Mere hours before work she puts on the hooters uniform and stares at herself in a mirror, very depressed. She falls back onto her bed and wishes for bigger boobs. The next thing you know… expansion is taking place! She grows larger… and larger… and larger. Happily, she grabs her purse and keys and strolls out of the door.

    I’d really, really like to see this into a video. Is there a chance?

  • Taylor says:

    Sam- I love the Hooters idea. I will do it for sure. I think it would work best with a really flat chested girl. I just need to figure out how to get a Hooters costume. Do they sell them at the hooters restaurant?

  • foksh says:

    hi taylor
    ur clips very cute ..i love u and i wish u email me please

  • john fatson says:

    the first day i watched it, I love to watch more of your videos

  • taylor says:


    I have not forgotten about the Hooters clip. I just need to get my ass in there and pick the outfits up!!!

  • taylor says:


    We just shot 3 new videos with Holly

    1. Overeating BE and belly inflation

    2. BE inflation

    3. Growth

  • Andrewrk98 says:

    Taylor please make more belly inflation clips. Do it with you and Bunny De La Cruz. Get as big as you can! Thak you


  • Hi Taylor! You are my new hero(ine)… love your stuff. I am interested in becoming one of your models… I have a flat belly but I love to PIG OUT until it’s round like a watermelon…then I get on the treadmill, run til it’s flat again… and then go back for more. Please advise as to how I can get in touch with you! I’d love to work with you.

  • Taylor says:

    Brandi, I got your e mail and would love to set up a shoot next week.

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