Inflation I am So Full of Blueberries and They Feel Funny

March 27th, 2014
I am So Full of Blueberries and They Feel Funny

Marcy can`t stop eating Blueberry Strudel. She eats so much her belly fills up with blueberry juice until it becomes too heavy for her to handle and she changes into something bigger and turns into a huge blueberry. Horrified reaction to burst.

GenderTrans The Gender Change Bar

March 25th, 2014
Waking Up a Woman

This is a special bar where one very special drink can turn you into a woman. The hot bartender gives you the drink then walks you thru your transformation to a woman step by step then makes you try out your new female parts. Special Request.

Inflation My Perfect Giant Ass Just Busted Through My Pants

March 23rd, 2014
My Perfect Giant Ass Just Busted Through My Pants

Caroline knows she has a perfect ass but finds out about a solution to make it just a little bigger. She goes a little overboard and grows perfect giant ass and hips.

Inflation Breaking the Plateau With a Magic Pie

March 20th, 2014
Breaking the Plateau With a Magic Pie

Brandy has been trying to fatten her lesbian girlfriend Kimberly up forever. She wants her so big she is immobile. Her weight has plateaued and Brandy wants her bigger. She gets a magic pie and kimberly expands twice her size hip and large belly growth.

Belly 3 Belly Fetish Clips with Kimberly Marvel and Helena

March 16th, 2014
You are A Tiny Man Under to Big Belly Dominant Goddesses
You are a little man below two big beautiful bellies. Helena and Kimberly hide their bellies under tight girdles then pull them in and out to smother you. They instruct you when you can touch your cock and when you have to stop.

Candid Belly Talk Turned Hot Belly Masturbation Instruction
Kimberly and Helena discuss their weight gain and how it changes their lives. They tease you with their bellies and instruct you to jack off showing you what they would do with your cock with their big beautiful round bellies.

Stuffing at The Buffet
Hot gainer Kimberly Marvel enjoys a buffet feast with a wide variety of different foods and shows off her belly as much as we could get away with in the casino buffet and really shows it off outside the buffet.

Inflation 75 Inch Hips

March 14th, 2014
75 Inch Hips

Jordan is about to get married and her soon to be mother in law is trying to sabotage her wedding. She gives her tainted cake and Jordans hips grow out of control busting out of her pants. Jordan is disturbed and is determined to get the new weight off.