Futa X-SPANDER: Kat & Lonna’s Boob & Cock Growth Experiments

*X-SPANDER: Kat & Lorna`s Boob & Cock Growth Experiments*

Katerina gets some breast & penis growth treatment and grows herself some huge new boobs. Her friend Lorna comes by & she wants a penis & soon it grows & pops out of her jeans & she puts it to good use!

*CLICK FOR PREVIEW CLIP (http://www.taylormadeclips.com/vids/pv_x-katerina_lorna-BEFUTA_w.mp4)*

Image: http://taylormadeclips.com/images/x-katerina_lorna-BEFUTA.jpg (http://vidown.com/cgi/store2.pl?site=taylormadeclips.com&keyword=tmc1707)

Inflation Giant Breast Expansion Revenge

*Giant Breast Expansion Revenge*

Haily has been hanging out with Sabliques BF and she is furious. She brings her breasts through three different levels as she humiliates her about how big they are getting.

Image: http://taylormadeclips.com/images/haley_sab-revengeBE.jpg (http://vidown.com/cgi/store2.pl?site=taylormadeclips.com&keyword=tmc1706)

A Simple Bear Transformation

*A Simple Bear Transformation

*Dita is cooking stew for a contest when she adds an odd spice that makes her begin to feel weird and transform into a bear.*

Image: http://taylormadeclips.com/images/dita-stewTRANS.jpg

TF A Leprechaun Blueberry Nightmare: Exploding Version


*A Leprechaun Blueberry Nightmare: Exploding Version*

Jennifer has a nightmare. A leprechaun enters her bedroom and slowly transforms her into a large blueberry that explodes. She starts turning blue grows a fluid filled belly then wakes up as her entire body fills with juice.


Image: http://taylormadeclips.com/images/jennifer_talulah-leprechaunboomBB.jpg (http://vidown.com/cgi/store2.pl?site=taylormadeclips.com&keyword=tmc1703)

Image: https://i.imgur.com/0mQRIPG.jpg I just wanted to add another picture of this new model.

Inflation Forced Inflation: Out of Control Belly Growth

*Forced Inflation: Out of Control Belly Growth*

A scientist has developed a belly expanding gas. She can make all woman in the world have a humongous belly, so she will be only one left on planet with flat stomach. Things went wrong at the end and she ended up exploding.


Image: http://taylormadeclips.com/images/haley_sab-labINF.jpg (http://vidown.com/cgi/store2.pl?site=taylormadeclips.com&keyword=tmc1702)

Inflation MAXGROWTH: Writers Block Part 3

*MAXGROWTH: Writers Block Part 3*

After growing muscles in the game, Lucia gets a huge bosom then deals with an expansive belly. In real life our writer gets his table turned.

Image: http://taylormadeclips.com/images/mg-koa_lucy-thewriter3.jpg (http://vidown.com/cgi/store2.pl?site=taylormadeclips.com&keyword=tmc1701)