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Veronica’s New Figure

Veronica is sick of being completely flat so she tries different exercises to enhance her breasts. Finally her hard work pays off but thing get totally out of control and her ass inflates wildly as well!!! Veronica’s New Figure

Veronica Jett Breast and Ass Expansion

I just finished shooting porn star and fetish model Veronica Jett in a new breast and ass expansion clip. Just thought I would give you a quick picture and update. Luckily she survived me almost killing her by smashing the ceiling light fixture down in the hotel trying to get the PERFECT shot of her […]

The Realities Of Breast Expansion

Holly really wants huge boobs so she asks her somewhat magical friend Gus if he knows any spells or has any BE potions. Gus gives her a single small pill he claims is just baking soda and tells her to wash it down with some lemon juice. Holly is convinced of Gus’s genius and even […]

Jenna’s Amazing Ass Expansion

Jenna chats on the phone with her friend while eating cookies and other baked goods. She talks about how it will go right to her ass. She talks about her butt inflating and expanding as it gets to monstrous size. Jenna’s Amazing Ass Expansion Jenna is surprisingly good with the dialog which helps the […]

Current Shit

I know some people are hoping to see different things from us so here is our rough plans when it comes to what kind of clips, with who and when they will be shot or released. Breast Expansion/Inflation Bunny still has the second part of her BE clip coming. Bunny Prays At The BE Altar […]