Dahlia’s Fucking Gonna Get Fucking Fat For You

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

This clip was shot awhile ago but only got around to having it edited recently.  Its not as bad as I remember it to be as the shoot didn’t seem to go very well and I was trying some things for the first time.  But as usual the editor did a great job saving my ass so here’s Dahlia’s weight gain, overeating, belly inflation clip. :-D
Dahlia’s Fucking Gonna Get Fucking Fat For You

weight gain belly inflation

Delilah`s Asspirations Of Greatness

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

Delilah has one of the most shockingly shapely asses on the planet Earth… but she wants more. Tired of girls achieving similar ass bulk with plastic surgery Delilah takes matters into her own hands

Delilah`s Asspirations Of Greatness

Delilah's ASS

Veronica’s New Figure

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

Veronica is sick of being completely flat so she tries different exercises to enhance her breasts. Finally her hard work pays off but thing get totally out of control and her ass inflates wildly as well!!!

Veronica’s New Figure

Veronica's New Figure

Veronica Jett Breast and Ass Expansion

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

I just finished shooting porn star and fetish model Veronica Jett in a new breast and ass expansion clip. Just thought I would give you a quick picture and update.

Luckily she survived me almost killing her by smashing the ceiling light fixture down in the hotel trying to get the PERFECT shot of her massive growing breasts. Otherwise the shoot went great. I am about to shoot porn star Sheila Marie this afternoon so if you guys have any script ideas let me know asap!!!!!

Be back with her picture this afternoon.

Current Shit

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

I know some people are hoping to see different things from us so here is our rough plans when it comes to what kind of clips, with who and when they will be shot or released.

Breast Expansion/Inflation

  • Bunny still has the second part of her BE clip coming. Bunny Prays At The BE Altar was released a few days ago and part two will have her growing to HUMONGOUS size
  • Holly has an extended BE clip to go along with her Belly Inflation clip we debuted a couple days ago. That would should be excellent. She is an another short BE clip as well.
  • Zoey Doll-I will post some of the pics taken of her during the BE clip Taylor shot. That should be on its way in the next few days
  • Lillith shot 2 BE clips for Taylor and we aren’t positive when they will get cut.


  • I am still trying to finish the growth clip that was shelved for a bit. I swear I start to edit it every day and never last more than 15 minutes before I end up doing something else.
  • Foot Growth–We are hoping to get to shooting a pure foot growth clip that we have had in mind for months actually. I will let you know if we start shooting it
  • Holly-ABSOLUTELY a good candidate for a growth clip. If anyone has any script/story ideas PLEASE send them our way for a potential clip with Holly.

Belly, Ass & Body Expansion/Inflation

  • Jenna has two more clips on the way including one that should be posting today involving Ass Inflation.
  • We are working on multiple possible projects that involve some members of the community collaborating with us so hopefully at least a few will turn into something.

Editorial Rant

  • The last time we sat on a growth clip because we weren’t sure about it was Silver Dildo Of Destiny which got shelved for over 2 months. Gotta be honest and say the nastiness behind the criticism of that clip(and us in the process) along with Growing Busty and the reaction to the first Veronica clip all built up a pretty decent chip on our shoulder. The feeling that the moment we do anything questionable we will get annihilated for it is something I certainly consider. I gave those clips my all and I have never been assaulted verbally like that in any forum, in any fetish, at anytime. With Silver Dildo instead of making a great growth sequence that had a mindlessly ridiculous plot surrounding it I had preyed on the community and betrayed, ripped off, lied to, and fooled all of them for the sake of profit!?! If anyone would go back and look at that thread at Process they would see that the first two reviews from fellow members we extremely positive with one saying it was our best clip yet. Hmmmm now how could that be?

Remember we LOVE requests and ideas for possible clips so DO NOT HESITATE TO send them out way!

Bud Swope

Jenna Sees The Light

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

Jenna finds some crazy shit on her boyfriend`s laptop and she geeks. Turns out he loves humongous breasts that never stop growing. She is disgusted but Taylor visits her in her dreams…

Jenna Sees The Light


This turned out to be a pretty good clip. Its one of Taylor’s first Process clips that she shot and directed herself. When I looked at my first cut I HATED the girl’s acting in the first few minutes so I began using cutaways of what she was watching on the laptop to balance out her stilted delivery of the lines. I think it made a world of difference and is now quite funny. Jenna is also in an ass expansion and a belly expansion that will be coming up soon.