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Vanity and Revenge

Vanity and Revenge

Caroline Pierce in one of her best performances featuring her greatest cumshot EVER. It also features a terrific cleavage breast expansion sequence.

*HINT* Watch the trailer (http://www.fetishfad.net)

Image: http://taylormadeclips.com/images/carolinefuta.jpg (http://vidown.com/cgi/store2.pl?site=taylormadeclips.com&keyword=tmc251)

I Grew Boobs & I Can`t Get Up

Sonya has the flu and grabs the wrong pill bottle from her sisters bathroom and finds out she really did not get a boob job like she claimed. She discovered her secret and it got out of control. Large Boob Prop appears at the end after growth.. Image: http://taylormadeclips.com/images/sonyasageBE.jpg

Bait and Switch

I lure two makeup artists to my house for to test my new BE product. As the ladies freak out and try to escape I make them expand more and more and decide to keep them as my giant breasted sex slaves to pimp out.

Nicole and Cala l have Great Reactions!

Image: http://taylormadeclips.com/images/NicoleKaylaBE.jpg

Addicted To Expansion

Daphne Rosen returns in what is probably the weakest of her three Breast Expansion clips.
3 minute BE ending in a button pop, hardcore masturbation & the BIG boobs make an appearance but only in a dream sequence.

Image: http://taylormadeclips.com/images/daphneplaidBE.jpg (http://vidown.com/cgi/store2.pl?site=taylormadeclips.com&keyword=tmc243)