Addicted To Expansion

August 23rd, 2010 | Category: Official Clip Releases,TaylorMadeClips
Daphne Rosen returns in what is probably the weakest of her three Breast Expansion clips.

3 minute BE ending in a button pop, hardcore masturbation & the BIG boobs make an appearance but only in a dream sequence.

Breast Inflation

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A Very Special FREE BE 4U

April 20th, 2010 | Category: Official Clip Releases,TaylorMadeClips

This clip was shot close to 2 years ago and never released.

Now you can see why!

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The Power Of Pop Rocks

March 10th, 2010 | Category: Official Clip Releases,TaylorMadeClips

Peach Loves Pop Rocks

Georgia Peach discovers a magic pop rock formula that she learns to love. She grows beautiful natural DD breasts and lets you know what she is going to do with them.

Comments about Peach Loves Pop Rocks

I love peaches so I’ll love this one. lol

Another short and good clip. The boob play extends the value of the clip and I’m liking the cleavage shots more and more and more…

Wow, i’ve bought the last half a dozen clips… You must be doing something right. =D

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Adult Legend Debi Diamond’s Expansive Orgasm

March 02nd, 2010 | Category: Official Clip Releases,TaylorMadeClips

Debi Diamond Orgasmic Giant Breast Growth While waiting for her boyfriend, Debi decides to have a little phone sex. The more turned on the bigger her breasts grow. They grow to an insane size and the buttons blast off her sweater. Debi Diamond is a beautiful Mature Very Popular Porn Star.

Comments about Debi Diamond Orgasmic Giant Breast Growth

Loved her orgasmic breast expansion video. I’m a huge fan of fishnets too, so that was a tremendous pleasure to see. Her bewitching vocal crescendo paired with sumptuous mammary growth was top notch. Well done guys!

WOW! She is HOT!!!!

THE Debi Diamond????!.


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Moxxie Maddron Enjoys some TaylorMade Breast Expansion

July 13th, 2009 | Category: TaylorMadeClips

I’ll Have What She Was Having

Moxxie is waiting to start shooting and watches Daphne`s first BE clips. While waiting Taylor brings her some water leading to a very realistic button popping busting expansion to bare breasts.

Part of the 7 Vial series.

breasts expanding

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Double BE Spells with Carolyn Pierce

July 04th, 2009 | Category: TaylorMadeClips

Double BE Spells

Carolyn performs spell and her breasts grow huge. (Big Growth with great button popping). She reverses spell her breasts shrink and does second growth with amazing cleavage. I love this clip. A double BE and Carolyn`s acting are amazing.

breast inflation

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