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I Grew Boobs & I Can`t Get Up

Sonya has the flu and grabs the wrong pill bottle from her sisters bathroom and finds out she really did not get a boob job like she claimed. She discovered her secret and it got out of control. Large Boob Prop appears at the end after growth.. Image: http://taylormadeclips.com/images/sonyasageBE.jpg

Bustin’ Loose

Bustin’ Loose Honey White is cautious around Taylor since she inflated her to enormous size by remote control. In this episode of the 7 Vials series Taylor doesn`t know where Bud filled the vial but something that happens to Honey gives it away…

Crystal Ashley`s Overeating WG BE

I shot this several months ago and FINALLY just posted it! I am sooooo mad at myself for not busting out her perfect 48FFF breasts. Crystal Ashley’s Overeating WGBE Instead, I was really focused on having having her eat until she grew out of her pants and her stomach grew. I don’t know what the […]

Harley Raine`s BE Terror

Harley laid down to read an old novel she found in the garage and quickly found that you can not judge a book by its cover. Ha ha… Her plans for a quiet evening took a swift and terrifying new direction. Harley Raine`s BE Terror