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Holly Webster returns to TaylorMadeClips in her first video featuring growth.  Holly tries a new energy drink not knowing that its actually laced with an experimental growth serum.   After a few sips her breasts begin to grow.  Holly enjoys that side effect so she downs the whole can and gets growth of a different sort! […]

Taylor`s Shocking Weight Gain

DOWNLOAD TRAILER HERE On her birthday Taylor gorges on buttery crab legs so fast that she actually gains a large amount of weight immediatly. Regardless of that she wants Ice Cream and THAT pushes her way past the edge! Taylor`s Shocking Weight Gain


Apparently Anna doesn’t get the hint… Taylor just might be crazy so eating the suddenly materialized cake labeled “Eat ME” might not be a swell idea. That is unless you like shoe busting, button popping and 14 tracks of layered growth sound fx. EAT ME

Star’s Growth Envy Pt 2:BE

Star decides Wilma is the next Flintstone to take a fall and she hopes it comes out positive as a breast enhancer. Star gleefully roots her breasts all the way to gargantuan size. Star’s Growth Envy Pt 2:BE

Current Shit

I know some people are hoping to see different things from us so here is our rough plans when it comes to what kind of clips, with who and when they will be shot or released. Breast Expansion/Inflation Bunny still has the second part of her BE clip coming. Bunny Prays At The BE Altar […]