Vanity and Revenge

September 17th, 2010 | Category: Official Clip Releases,TaylorMadeClips
Vanity and Revenge

Caroline Pierce in one of her best performances featuring her greatest cumshot EVER.
It also features a terrific cleavage breast expansion sequence.


I practically lost it with the trailer.
After purchasing this clip, I'm officially losing it. lol
I'm not one for futa girls but damnit Caroline sells this scene from start to finish.
It's really hard for me to say how great this clip was. Just know it's...well, great.

Seriously, I almost clapped at the end of this clip, a full half hour too!
Not being dramatic here, so worth it!
Caroline really stepped it up a notch.

Yes she finally got around to doing a futa girl, and for her first time, I gotta admit it's pretty damn good.
I suggest giving it a purchase, Caroline is good at this stuff.
I hope we can see more futa stuff now that Taylor has the props and the talent to pull it off.
Well worth the money. Check it out.

The actress does an exceptional job and the whole things plays out rather well.
I wish my cock made the noises hers made when I get hard.

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Penile Expansion Lab Mishap

May 08th, 2010 | Category: Official Clip Releases,TaylorMadeClips

Caroline Pierce is completely convincing in this clip about a scientist who takes a batch of penis growth serum from his work and brings it home so he can experiment in having a much bigger cock.

Penile Expansion Lab Mishap

Caroline is terrific!Ā Ā  Must See Clip!

Caroline Pierce has a Gender Transformation

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