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The VERY Special Present

Taylor gives Heidi new clothes for her birthday and another VERY special present! -Clip includes an expansion and an inflation sequence. The VERY Special Present

Holly in “Fat Is Where It’s At!”

Holly does and excellent weight gain tease and she tells you how she wants to get big and fat for you. She stuffs her face with cookies and pizza until her belly inflates and bursts through her clothes. Holly really enjoys the process of getting big. Fat Is Where Its At

Crystal Ashley`s Overeating WG BE

I shot this several months ago and FINALLY just posted it! I am sooooo mad at myself for not busting out her perfect 48FFF breasts. Crystal Ashley’s Overeating WGBE Instead, I was really focused on having having her eat until she grew out of her pants and her stomach grew. I don’t know what the […]

Star’s Growth Envy Pt 1

Star is shooting for Taylor and during a break Star finds the `Tainted Flintstones` and helps herself to Fred. Lots of busting & tearing as usual during the clothes and shoe destruction. Star’s Growth Envy Pt 1