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Kendra Grows Pissed

Kendra can`t stand being harassed by her boss and she`s so pissed she can`t help but use her power. Business Suit Growth, Footwear Destruction, Clothes Busting Growth. Kendra Grows Pissed

Star’s Growth Envy Pt 1

Star is shooting for Taylor and during a break Star finds the `Tainted Flintstones` and helps herself to Fred. Lots of busting & tearing as usual during the clothes and shoe destruction. Star’s Growth Envy Pt 1

Side Effects

Penny takes some of the extract that her lab has been working on and does some experimentation at home. She discovers growth is one of two main side effects. Shoe Busting, Button Popping, Hardcore Masturbation, Nudity, Stocking Destruction, More! There is a hardcore and a softcore version of this clip available Side Effects This clip […]

Jessie’s EXPANSIVE Journey

You never know what can happen when you visit Taylor. Be wary of any vitamins sitting around and DON`T sniff any boxed mushrooms either! Growth, Busting, Shoe Destruction, Breast & Ass Inflation. Inflation SFX Courtesy of INFLATE123 who was cool enough to let us use some of his stuff and it never even occured to […]