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Apparently Anna doesn’t get the hint… Taylor just might be crazy so eating the suddenly materialized cake labeled “Eat ME” might not be a swell idea. That is unless you like shoe busting, button popping and 14 tracks of layered growth sound fx. EAT ME

Tainted Flintstones

Taylor begins to feel strange like she could be growing and she thinks it must have been the odd tasting vitamins she had with lunch. When her shoes practically explode and her breasts break free from the constrains of her shirt she accepts it as fact and prepares for the process to run its […]

Worship My Ass, Pussy & Tits…If You Can Reach!

Worship My Ass, Pussy & Tits…If You Can Reach! Mistress Taylor teases and taunts you as she has given you permission to touch & worship her ass, tits and pussy but you can’t seem to reach. REALLY GREAT SEXY CLIP EXPORTED AT 1300kps and a 740 by 480 SCREEN SIZE SO IT LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!

The Farm(Widescreen)

Giant Taylor destroys a farm freeing all the animals and destroying all the farm equipment in front of the tiny farmers. After destroying their farm and releasing their animals, the giantess delights in humiliating and harassing the tiny farmers then slowly rips them apart with her teeth and swallows them. 960×540 resolution for fast computers. […]

Making Him Feel Small

Technically this would be a humiliation/shrinking fetish but Mistress Taylor makes herself seem more powerful, taller and intimidating with her viscous verbal humiliation and her wickedly hard slap across the face right down to the crushing ending. Making Him Feel Small

Veronica’s Growth

Veronica learns that someone has made a cheap knockoff of her companies newest release and that they may want to harm her as well. Ultimately the job is bungled to Veronica’s advantage. Clothes bursting, tight editing and good shots accompany a very nice performance by Veronica where she begins confused by the growth but then […]