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Delilah BE Femdom

Delilah gets the REMOTE LASER BE CONTROL DEVICE and goes crazy growing new breasts! Mistress Delilah is probably unknown to most BE fans but she`s about as well known in Femdom as anyone including Mistress Taylor. Definitely a unique clip. Delilah BE Femdom

Worship My Ass, Pussy & Tits…If You Can Reach!

Worship My Ass, Pussy & Tits…If You Can Reach! Mistress Taylor teases and taunts you as she has given you permission to touch & worship her ass, tits and pussy but you can’t seem to reach. REALLY GREAT SEXY CLIP EXPORTED AT 1300kps and a 740 by 480 SCREEN SIZE SO IT LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!


Maya is done with living in a hotel room and having to bring in all the money while he just sits and drinks. She aspired to be more than white trash and she has finally had enough. Clip has a transformation triggered by forced consumption and sheer will. Maya is great is her return to […]

Making Him Feel Small

Technically this would be a humiliation/shrinking fetish but Mistress Taylor makes herself seem more powerful, taller and intimidating with her viscous verbal humiliation and her wickedly hard slap across the face right down to the crushing ending. Making Him Feel Small

The Silver Dildo Of Destiny

Kimberly finds herself in a tough situation and has suddenly lost her confidence but a friend from her past visits and gives her the power she needs to rise up and take charge of the situation. This time Kimberly is featured in the growth sequence which as usual includes many, many growth shots and […]

Growing Busty

Taylor releases her power of vertical expansion but thats not the only part of her that expands as her cup size goes from huge to deadly. Terrific growth shots in this heavily breast centered clip. Shoe bursting, heel crushing, button popping growth as well as the terrific dialog from Taylor. Lorekeep, our friend over […]