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Delilah BE Femdom

Delilah gets the REMOTE LASER BE CONTROL DEVICE and goes crazy growing new breasts! Mistress Delilah is probably unknown to most BE fans but she`s about as well known in Femdom as anyone including Mistress Taylor. Definitely a unique clip. Delilah BE Femdom

The Realities Of Breast Expansion

Holly really wants huge boobs so she asks her somewhat magical friend Gus if he knows any spells or has any BE potions. Gus gives her a single small pill he claims is just baking soda and tells her to wash it down with some lemon juice. Holly is convinced of Gus’s genius and even […]

The Age Of Expansion

AGE OF EXPANSION PART ONE Holly just grew from an A to a D cup in just a few minutes. Scared and confused she is comforted by Mom Taylor who tells her the story of her Great Expansion(Told in a Flashback). After three BE scenes Holly and her new breasts go out IN PUBLIC! The […]