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Feed Us

Widow and Holly want to get big and fat for you. They tease you with their bodies and talk about it. Widow even bought a big dress to grow into.

Image: http://www.taylormadeclips.com/images/widowhollyWGT.jpg

You Make Me So Hot Watching you Eat and Get Fat For Me

_*Ryen wants you to be her big fat man. She talks about how she is going to feed you every day. The more she watches you eat the more and more turned on she gets. Eat for her. *_

Image: http://www.taylormadeclips.com/images/ryenyoueat.jpg (http://vidown.com/cgi/store2.pl?site=taylormadeclips.com&keyword=tmc240)

Harley’s Weight Gain Tease

Harley returns from a workout only to find chocolate in her hotel room. She eats a few pieces, guilt kicks in and she starts inspecting her fat rolls. She catches you watching and then teases you with how big she`s gonna swell! JUST FOR YOU! Harley’s Weight Gain Tease

Taylor’s Growth Truth

In a rather candid, non-femdom clip Taylor comes clean and reveals a secret about growth in her personal life. Shot in a POV style. Taylor’s Growth Truth