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A Little Revenge

Nyomi Marcela gets back to her hotel room after work and she finds some perfume on her table. She soon realizes she probably should have read the card sitting next to it BEFORE spraying any on herself. A Little Revenge

Featuring Kore Goddess…

I recently released a video with Kore Goddess who lives out of state. She was too pregnant to travel and I was too busy moving all over so I had her have someone shoot it and send it to me. Here are some pictures. I am also including some shots from a growth clip and […]

Overeating Inflation Relief & Revenge

This clip was very hard to shoot so its not executed perfectly but it still comes pretty close to the original intention.   Taylor and Kore Goddess stuff themselves with all sorts of fattening foods they had delivered and they begin to see their bellies inflating immediately to humongous proportions.   Pissed off they call the pizza […]