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Holly Webster returns to TaylorMadeClips in her first video featuring growth.  Holly tries a new energy drink not knowing that its actually laced with an experimental growth serum.   After a few sips her breasts begin to grow.  Holly enjoys that side effect so she downs the whole can and gets growth of a different sort! […]

Pop Rocks or: She`s Grown Drunker Than Taylor

She drank a bit too much as she waxed nostalgic. She hadn`t seen Taylor in 3 years. She`s STILL TAYLOR she thought… but she was also different somehow. Maybe it was just the liquor talking… GROWTH, BUSTING, BRA POPPING, NYLON DAMAGE & MORE… Pop Rocks or: She`s Grown Drunker Than Taylor


Apparently Anna doesn’t get the hint… Taylor just might be crazy so eating the suddenly materialized cake labeled “Eat ME” might not be a swell idea. That is unless you like shoe busting, button popping and 14 tracks of layered growth sound fx. EAT ME