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Roly Poly Irresistible

Here’s the uncensored version of the trailer Taylor eats so much her breasts expand and her belly becomes enomous as it inflates under her purple sweater until the buttons pop. Taylor does a weight gain tease as well that gets dirtier as she gets bigger. Roly Poly Irresistible

Force Feeding The Freeloader

Kayla Quinn is sick and tired of seeing her skinny roommate Veronica Jett eat all her food but never pay for any groceries.   Kayla decides its about time she becomes the skinnier roommate and she force feeds Veronica. Force Feeding The Freeloader

Dahlia’s Fucking Gonna Get Fucking Fat For You

This clip was shot awhile ago but only got around to having it edited recently.  Its not as bad as I remember it to be as the shoot didn’t seem to go very well and I was trying some things for the first time.  But as usual the editor did a great job saving my […]

Bunny’s Weight Gain Body Inflation Trailer

Bunny De La Cruz comes back to TaylorMadeClips in a great food-stuffing/body inflation clip.   Bunny makes a bet with her friend that she can eat all she wants without bursting from over doing it.   Bunny turns on her webcam to broadcast the event. Bunny De La Cruz Will NOT Burst!!!