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A Feast For an Amazon

Image: http://taylormadeclips.com/images/Amandaovereat.jpg Image: http://taylormadeclips.com/images/t_Amandaovereat.jpg

Amazon Amanda Feast.

Ce Ce`s Little Belly Stuffing Feast : Giant Belly Growth Version

Ce Ce is having a little afternoon feast of fried chicken balls, blueberries, brownies, whipped cream, soda hanging out burping. She tries on her fat roommates clothes and grows a giant belly and freaks (just food version available).

If you just want the bellystuffing I am putting that up today.

Image: http://www.taylormadeclips.com/images/CeCeovereatbellyE.jpg

Roly Poly Irresistible

Here’s the uncensored version of the trailer Taylor eats so much her breasts expand and her belly becomes enomous as it inflates under her purple sweater until the buttons pop. Taylor does a weight gain tease as well that gets dirtier as she gets bigger. Roly Poly Irresistible